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Written in a contemporary dramatic style, DANIELLE is a passionate, fast-paced, modern drama, depicting the evolutionary journey of a private, sensitive, professional career woman. The story line, albeit sometimes enacted in the spotlight, could be a study in the game of Mother May I? The main character, Danielle Stanhope, appears to take two career strides forward, yet her personal momentum, at times, seems to be on a backward slide of 3-4 steps. In this realistic, suspenseful tale of constant change, the reader is taken on a phenomenal journey not only into the private lives of the average person, but is catapulted into the realm of the world's privileged. However, this sometimes bittersweet saga is no superficial treatment of the jet-setting glitz and glamour clique by any means.

       Lovely, flaxen-haired Danielle Stanhope spends many days jet-setting all over the globe, while simultaneously looking over her shoulder for stalkers or perpetrators of that same ilk. Too many written and phoned death threats have created havoc in her otherwise peaceful existence. She has been forcefully pushed into the world of politics, the media and the entertainment industry; yet still remains an enigma to even those closest to her.

       The daughter of a powerful governor, she inherits a tidy sum from her grandmother and decides it's time to cut the apron strings.A young divorcee, she gathers up her three young daughters and moves from the San Francisco Bay Area to Carefree, Arizona where a career as a news anchor and investigative reporter awaits her in Phoenix.      

       On assignment, ala Hard Copy mode, she interviews a world renown psychic for the small screen, then gets glowing prophecies for her own personal future. As with most women, she's promised the ultimate love of her life, her soul mate, but, she's only given one seemingly insignificant clue as to this person's identity.

       Many men appear in her life, acting as catalysts for events that would try the most patient of mankind. Do any of these men qualify as the recipient of Ms. Stanhope's fairytale sequestered Love Garden of the Soul Mates, a hidden wonderland built in anticipation of sharing it with "The One", her eternal Twin Flame?


MICHAEL MORLAND - Good looking and intellectual, the New York lawyer's touted to be the next Melvin Belli. His childhood is rooted in religious fanaticism. Has he escaped this childhood conditioning and remained unscathed? And. . . what is he hiding? Is his profile as an international lawyer a convenient guise for undercover intelligence work?

SENATOR SANFORD POWERS - Young, influential, charismatic and married; he's on a one-way street to the White House. Is he too obsessed with his career to fulfill his promises? Why did Ms. Stanhope even let him enter her periphery? And could he be the lovely Danielle's nemesis?

AARON CHAPPELL - Rich and sinfully handsome, this tall, dark and charming Parisian is a Formula I, Grand-Prix racer. He is mesmerized when he discovers Danielle singing on a Paris stage as a favor to her brother & his band. Danielle suspects that Monsieur Chappell takes too many chances as he careens through life's fast lane.

BEAUREGARD BEAUDET - A wealthy, debonair European; he's a businessman with vast interests in the U.S., Lisbon, Zurich, Paris and London Why does he just happen to attend the same events as she? Is he watching her?

     This offering has a full cast of interesting characters. Besides the mystery and suspense, those romantic readers will examine each dedicated suitor, searching out the identity of Danielle's male counterpart, her soul mate. Does she ever find her soul mate? Ill never tell here. Whos behind the death threats? Anyone? From the sun-kissed state of California and "Desert" jewel of Arizona to romantic and exotic locations on the European continent, DANIELLE promises to be suspenseful, fast-paced, sophisticated, romantic, and erotic. It's also an unforgettable drama, one that is guaranteed to touch the heart and emotions of the reader.





This novel is definitely 21st century material. The scenario relates a depiction of what is touching women all over the globe, their innate desire for sovereignty. How can today's woman achieve equality---in all respects---in a world that has been dominated by the male of the species since the inception of time?

      Yet, there is still that inherent yearning for a counterpart. Love and romance has been a dominant theme from the beginning ---since The Garden of Eden portrayed its tale. For who are we, as homo sapiens, without that vital human touch? Without that life breathing essence we, as a species, are reduced to mere androids, performing by rote. Most people, intrinsically, want to believe that God created a unique and special complement for him or her alone. The popular cultural buzz word for this counterpart can be aptly described as the "soul mate" or twin flame." Thus, the subliminal search is on.

     This work represents all women in their search for independence and the fulfillment of that inherent yearning. Both desires are examined and ultimately realized within the text of DANIELLE

     With much depth and underlying messages regarding all relationships this book embodies every facet of emotion. It also embraces the totality: the facade and the intrinsic essences. But more than that; the book is a message radiating hope for all of us after the darkest hour has met its destiny.


  The Countryside
  Paris, France

Danielle Stanhope, Mistress of Chateau Chappell, was lost in deep introspection as she wove her way through the English rose gardens on her way to the estate's stables. How many years had it been since her Grandmother's death, she wondered. Every autumn, her beloved grandmother's memory filled her senses; they had shared the same birthday and their bond had been extraordinarily unique.

       Danielle had been shocked, stupefied upon learning of Patricia Adams Stanhope's generous endowment. Her Gram had secured her immediate financial future, enabling her granddaughter to escape what the older woman innately understood as bondage. Yet, even with that fortuitous freedom. . . there had always been those lurking shadows, foreboding dark clouds that lingered just outside the periphery of your aura, waiting for the right moment to seep into your consciousness.

       Merely remembering some past episodes provoked a shudder deep inside Danielle's body. However, in that early morning hour when the dew still lay upon the grass, a tranquility overshadowed her and she was at peace.

       Saddling her black, Arabian stallion, Midnight , she prepared for her weekly sojourn over the impressive estate. The Manor house and surrounding property consisted of 50,000 wooded acres,  filled with bubbling brooks, fish-stocked ponds, flowering meadows and a plethora of live game. To the naked eye, the land appeared to stretch on forever.

       She often rode through the spacious clearing that encompassed the gamekeeper's cottage, frequently calling out to the vibrant, Italian, Giuseppe. If in residence, he appeared in the doorway, eager to exalt the miracle of newly-born fawns, or a family of pheasants nestled in the underbrush.

       On that particular morning, Danielle stopped to admire the estate's quaint little chapel, giving thanks for her many blessings Remembrances of writing her check book down to a mere nothing had never escaped her subconscious. Thankfully, the present was now the antitheses of the past with its dreadful tribulations, those tests that crept into a person's life in order to strengthen the spirit's resolve. In her particular instance, she had inherited more than her fair share of trauma, most of it relegated to the history books . . . thank God!

       Her family and a few close friends would appear the very next day to celebrate her birthday. Forty-three, she mused. Her optimism still ruled and her child-within was intact; her looks and energy belied her chronological age. Only yesterday, a reassuring FAX had arrived from People Magazine. Their readership had voted her one of the World's Ten Most Successful Women, this accolade undoubtedly due to the fact that her inner brawn equaled that of the exterior beauty and wisdom. Still, her close intimates declined to proclaim her perfect, certainly not saintly.

       Riding back to the stables, a mischievous smile lit her lovely face as her eyes fell upon the Rose Garden's pink and white gazebo. Memories of a past sexual liaison there caused her senses to quicken. Her recollections were amusing now; hopefully the pain had now fallen down some deep, ashen precipice. Occasionally, a resurgence of the old nightmares occurred, trepidation filling her with chalky, creaky skeletons threatening brutalization once again. Her waking hours assuaged her somewhat, but if the truth were known, a subconscious flinching existed, an inner-dimensional fear that the block would, indeed, fall once again.

       She loped to the patio under the grape arbor, its white latticework supporting the fruit-laden vines as they weaved and twisted through the small, square openings. She had barely relaxed in a comfy, padded, chaise lounge before she heard a familiar voice.


       She strained to identify which daughter was hailing her.

       "Out here," she returned, waving her hand high in the air.

       Suzanne---or more fondly addressed as Suzy---came strolling around the corner of the stately, manor house. Flopping down on an opposite lounger, she expelled a heavy sigh.

        Eyeing her oldest daughter with a curious interest, Danielle was totally unprepared for her next utterance. "After all your hard times, Mom, how did we come to be so lucky . . .materialistically, that is?"

        Her mother was was flabbergasted. "You came all the way out from the city to ask me that?"

       "No. I decided to come out early and spend the night. Thought we could have some quality time, tee-hee."

       Her daughter's question. "Let's order some coffee with a little Kahlua and we'll drink to our blessings," she suggested. The pressing of a little remote control signaled the house, and in moments Henri, her secretary, was manifested and ready to be of service.

       "You rang, Madame?" he inquired, tongue-in-cheek. They were old friends and allies. "Could you have Mattie bring out some coffee and Kahlua,

       Henri?" she said, smiling deviously.

       Henri saluted and turned back to the house, silently observing that the Stanhope females were certainly unpredictable.

       Sipping their morning concoctions, Danielle said, "Let's celebrate your new boutique, The House of Suzanne, the new millinery niche for original fashion statements . . . then my Gran, patron saint of the Stanhope women."

       Twenty-two, Suzanne Stanhope had high aspirations in the Fashion Design world, her creations already lauded throughout Paris and London .

       The ladies raised their dainty coffee cups and said in unison, "To The House of Suzanne . . . to Patricia Adams Stanhope."

       "About your rags to riches story?" Suzy reminded her. "Tell me the whole story this time, Mom. It's long overdue."

       "What whole story?"

       "Oh, you know . . . how broke you were . . . your struggling career, the fear and terror, all the men . . . the weird one, the sexy one, the really evil one---all the really great sex stuff."

       Danielle became exasperated, replying staunchly, "I'm certainly not going to address anything sexual. But, I can tell you---in general terms---about the rest."

       "Ok." Suzy grinned. "I'll fill in the blanks."

       "Keep it to yourself, Missy," Danielle responded before beginning her narration. "It seems only yesterday that I left our drab, small apartment in Oakland , California to cross the bay and travel down the peninsula to my parent's home. There in the study, speaking on video tape, was my Gran speaking in her strong lyrical voice. It's etched on my brain and I'll never forget it. "Because I want my darling granddaughter, Danielle, "To Hear The Angels Sing Again," I bequeath to her. . . ."