Marguerite McCall

	MARGUERITE McCALL'S  love of people, mystery, intrigue 
and romance was the impetus that began her writing career. That . . . 
and wanting to have a "voice" about those things which incite her
to passion, i.e., social  ills and issues. An ex-secondary English 
major, she also studied Music and Psychology for years, in addition 
to performing in the Corporate Human Resources arena. Most
fulfilling; however, was managing an Esoteric book and educa-
tional center in Scottsdale, Arizona. "I could have written "The 
Celestine Prophecy," she declares. "Mr. Redfield was probably 
divinely chosen for that endeavor, but that particular genre also 
beckons me," she adds.  Like Emerson,  nature has greatly  
inspired her and she especially loves being near the sea.


     Ms. McCall has felt compelled to reach out to many diverse 
audiences; including young adults. "When today's youth believe
AIDS has been cured because basketball hero, Magic Johnson, 
is now in remission, then explicit sex education is mandatory as 
it flagrantly and realistically depicts the horrors of the AIDS
virus!" she expounds. 

     Conversely, the author feels obligated---within a fictional 
account---to stress high-morality while simultaneously allowing
the young person to appear cool or hip.  In youthful vernacular . . .
with the program, such as it is.  In addressing adults, she 
specifically wants to illustrate that sex is not the antithesis of 
spirituality. "You can be an extremely, heartfelt,  spiritual person 
and still enjoy and revel in the practice of coitus and all its 
accouterments, " she believes; that premise is embodied in all 
three of McCall's books represented here.

        The author is a voracious reader of both fiction/nonfiction.
She's specifically interested in Psychology, Sociology and World 
Philosophy, also devouring books on UFOs and secret societies.

       In addition, two future books have been outlined. The first one
has the working title of The Entrepreneur, a tale about a diabetic,
Las Vegas developer who's come up with an innovative, one-of-a-
kind concept, much to the chagrin of other Vegas "businessmen"
and our very own government, or at least factions thereof.]

       Ms. McCall's intention has always been to write for the 
masses, both informing and entertaining in a contemporary, 
exciting setting.  Her novels will probably always contain some 
sort of  detective, mystery, a bit of the mystical, pop psychology, 
societal concerns, sex (tasteful) and romance.
        In her few spare moments, she relaxes by playing the organ,
gardening or engaging in a game of bridge. Although born in the 
South, she was quickly transported to the western United States 
where she has basically remained,  residing in California,  Arizona,
Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada.  The mother of  three,  young-adult 
daughters  (a set of identical twins), she has resided in Las Vegas, 
Nevada for 6 years, compliments of a corporate transfer.  And yes,
once in a while, she plays double-double, bonus poker, slot
machines, even winning occasionally.
        The quintessential romanticist, many of the author's societal 
concerns are  exemplified in her trilogy,  three individual novels of
a contemporary nature filled with passion and drama . . . the 
encompassing of all life's facets.  She does want to stress that
even though this series is a continuing  epic, each novel has its 
own separate energy and life force. Hence, each one can be read
independently of the others.  
In addition, Ms. McCall is currently involved as chairperson 
to a group mind, book project.  The group's name is THE ROSE 
GARDEN; the offering is entitled, 'THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION;
Piercing the Veils of Deception",  V 1, 2 & 3. Authors from all over
the  globe have contributed chapters to this awakening, yet very 
controversial offering.  This non-fictional journal promises to be 
 a virtual blockbuster!   Sales are skyrocketing!
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   In her own personal  repertoire, the author feels the singular
    most important attribute that a man can possess is a sense of humor. 
   In addition . . . as a Pisces/Aries, her imagination is limitless; 
   her motto is: "In Between Me and Infinity".  The author's  
   personal philosophy may be gleaned from one of her poems:
           WILL NEVER BE APART . . .